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Born out of a frustration found in early-stage startups, Panel is a beautifully simple analytics dashboard designed and built specifically for tvOS.

My Role

Visual Identity
User Experience
User Interface


User Experience

User Experience

Being that we launched within the first month of tvOS' existence, there wasn't much in lieu of patterns or documentation. After testing and iteration, we landed on an experience that felt intuitive and native, but pushed the platform forward.

We utilized the new Siri Remote's touchpad to create intuitive swiping interactions which allowed users to dive deeper into their data.


To make the authorization experience more human, we created a web app which randomized adjectives and nouns instead of arbitrary numbers and letters.

Visual Identity


The typographic mark was designed to represent the customizability of the platform. It was also designed in layers to make use of tvOS' parallax animations.


Panel launched in November 2015, making it to the top post on Product Hunt for launch day. It was deprecated in 2017.

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