So how does a tech-loving product designer approach interiors? I'm so happy that you asked.

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I bring a love for interiors and over a decade of design experience into every space that I take on. Taking a user-experience-centered approach I'm able to design beautiful, timeless spaces powered by invisible technology — because that's where magic happens.

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I have loved being in and creating unique spaces since The Sims. This will be a small intro paragraph explaining the type of clients I want to work with. Nulla semper nulla at sem facilisis, dapibus tincidunt nisi accumsan. Nullam eget nibh egestas, placerat dui eget, pretium quam. 

Home interiors should be able to withstand a lot — time is no exception. I design spaces that are beautiful but never too "now". 

Smart homes can be like bad jokes. If you need to explain it then it wasn't good in the first place. I think through the entire experience so that everyone in the house can enjoy — not just the nerds (like me).

Get into the details. Like really, really into the details. Some may only be noticed by a few but that is what makes them great.

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